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User:Torchickens/Torchickens' project focuses
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In order:

?. Offline GlitchDex update

?. Add both GBC and SGB images to English GlitchDex

?. Add GB/gray images to English GlitchDex

?. Create stubs for the 55 non-English Generation II core games glitch Pokémon/add incomplete Pokédex data

1. Start articles for 5 highlights for each script for the MetascriptDex/up to 0x15 if many interesting ones

2. Add articles for missing natural glitches and glitch techniques (project ends indefinitely as there are always new discoveries)

3. When satisfied with natural glitch/glitch technique coverage, start the PhoneDex if not started by this point

(.) Add extended glitch Pokémon sprites

(.) Add glitch Pokémon, family/hybrid categories for non-English glitch Pokémon

(.) Fill in starting moves, base stats for non-English glitch Pokémon

(.) Misc data for non-English glitch Pokémon

(.) Level-up moves for non-English glitch Pokémon

(.) Add some Decamarks at leisure

(.) Glitch Unown (UnownDex)