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Obtain: [[Time Capsule exploit]] (add me), [[- (move)|CoolTrainer♀ move corruption]] or [[LOL glitch]] (character), [[Double distort CoolTrainer♀ corruption]] ( character) [[Storage box remaining HP glitch]] with a remaining HP of (add me), [[international fossil conversion glitch]] with an Attack stat of (add me). [[Arbitrary code execution]]. [[Equivalent trade glitch Pokémon|Equivalent trade]] of {{gdex|Y:(addme}} from a Yellow Version cartridge. Notes: Front-sprite: [[File:RBGlitch(add me).png]] [[bp:(add me))|On Bulbapedia]]. Becomes [[GlitchDex/RB:(add me)|(add me)]] in Yellow. ==TM/HM moves== (add me) ==Time Capsule exploit moves== Time Capsule exploit level-up moves: (add me) Time Capsule exploit TM/HM: (add me) Time Capsule exploit prior evolution: (add me) Time Capsule move tutor: (add me) Time Capsule breeding: (add me) [[Category:GlitchDex articles]] [[Category:Pokémon Red and Blue glitch Pokémon|*]] [[Category:Generation I glitch Pokémon|*]] [[Category:Glitch Pokémon|*]]