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User:Torchickens/ChickasaurusGL Gen I glitch title dump
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Generation I

4:48 Blank your name (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 37

2:30 Invisible/Misaligned character glitch (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 38

2:05 Softboiled/Rest/Recover glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 39

2:24 'Yami Shop' glitch (Pokémon R/G/B Japanese) ChickasaurusGL 40

2:10 Transform PP restore glitch (Pokémon Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 41

9:00 Using 5かい to capture every Pokémon in Red/Green [ASM by k)ry] ChickasaurusGL 42

2:23 Minor NPC 'Moonwalk' glitch (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 43

2:26 Transform a Water type Pokémon into Mew glitch - experimentation (Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 44

3:50 MissingNo.'s placeholder Pokédex entry (Pokémon Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 45

5:26 Haze glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 46

1:10 5かい by "k(ry" (Pokémon Red and Green) ChickasaurusGL 47

3:19 Partial switch glitch (Pokémon Red/Green JP v1.0) ChickasaurusGL 48

4:40 Make your own items glitch (Pokémon Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 49

2:09 Delayed battle glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 50

5:44 How to corrupt your item pack with 'Jacred' (Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 51

3:41 Catching the 'Ghost' (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 52

2:43 Pokémon with similar cries to other Pokémon on low HP (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 53

4:19 Double Blue/Gary glitch (Pokémon Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 54

10:11 Looping map glitches (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 55

6:12 Grass Surfing glitch (Pokémon Red/Blue ES, IT) ChickasaurusGL 56

0:48 ¡El malvado MAGIKARP atacó (Pokémon Red/Blue ES) ChickasaurusGL 57

3:05 Pikachu happiness oversight (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 58

5:54 Changing Fossil/Ghost Missingno.'s base stats and TM/HM movepool (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 59

4:04 Conditional evolution (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 60

11:57 Easy battle grinding item with PPkMnp's item mutation (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 61

4:07 Level-up Transform glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 62

4:52 255 item stack duplication glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 63

5:58 65536 steps and 256 balls in the Safari Zone via walk through walls (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 64

6:13 Minor Indigo Plateau music quirk (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 65

4:52 Temporarily muting Kanto + alternative Glitch City trick (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 66

4:35 Playing the Safari Zone in the dark (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 67

3:42 Cable Club black out glitch (Pokémon Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 68

4:04 Fossil conversion glitch (Pokémon Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 69

1:54 Skip to Level 100 select glitch (Pokémon Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 70

2:31 Selfdestruct/Explosion and Substitute glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 71

0:41 Draw audio quirk (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 72

3:14 Leech Seed and Toxic stacking (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 73

3:21 Oak's Parcel prevented progress oversight (Red/Green/Blue JP, Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 74

3:22 Landing on an NPC oversight (Red/Blue/Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 75

3:41 Fire Spin glitch (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 76

2:02 FFh growth rate bug (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 77

0:36 Pokémon Yellow glitch dimension ChickasaurusGL 78

1:50 Dokokashira door glitch guide: Unused Map 3 (Pokémon Green) ChickasaurusGL 79

3:25 Dokokashira door glitch guide: Unused Map 2 (Pokémon Green) ChickasaurusGL 80

3:08 Dokokashira door glitch guide: Unused Map 1 (Pokémon Green) ChickasaurusGL 81

2:06 Dokokashira door glitch guide: Hall of Fame (Pokémon Green) ChickasaurusGL 82

0:34 Item jingle skip (Red/Blue/Green/Japanese Yellow only) ChickasaurusGL 83

1:12 Old man can't catch a Pokémon glitch (Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 84

10:13 Get any flawless DV and max stat experience Pokémon (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 85

4:44 Yet another Mew glitch, glitch item method (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow, JP) ChickasaurusGL 86

1:54 Saffron Gym glitch - 'win' against Sabrina even though you lose. (Red/Green only) ChickasaurusGL 87

1:44 Seafoam Islands hidden text box and 'slowdown' glitch (Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 88

1:01 Prevent people from moving via binoculars (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 89

1:38 Rare occurrence: NPC walking through the Cable Club woman (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 90

4:33 Some applications of the 99 item stack glitch (Pokémon Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 91

1:24 99 item stack glitch with Ultra Ball/Great Ball in Japanese Blue (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 92

0:47 Magikarp salesman glitch (Pokémon Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 93

0:55 Surf from a cliff (Pokémon Red/Green JP only) ChickasaurusGL 94

2:17 Minimize and Substitute glitch (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 95

9:51 Celebi via TM33 arbitrary code execution (Pokémon Crystal) ChickasaurusGL 96

2:36 Trading 4. . (hex: C5) from Pokémon Yellow to Pokémon Gold ChickasaurusGL 97

5:15 Having fun with Counter glitches (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 98

1:03 Pokémon Tower Pokédex 'glitch' (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 99

5:30 Transfer party Pokémon to a new Red/Blue/Yellow game without trades (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 100

4:01 Go up and down stairs infinitely (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 101

5:38 Diaeresis old man trick yields (Pokémon Rote/Blaue Edition DE) ChickasaurusGL 102

10:28 Play battle music and non-Champion win music out of battle (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 103

2:08 Hex:F0's conditionally infinite name (Pokémon Roja y Azul ES) ChickasaurusGL 104

3:47 Custom map script (Generation I, arbitrary code execution) ChickasaurusGL 105

4:10 "Brock Through Walls" - Youngster path manipulation and walk through walls (Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 106

6:25 Guide music in a building (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 107

14:05 Text pointer encounter manipulation (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 108

2:44 "Blind Pikachu" without cheats (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 109

5:16 ゃパ (hex:DC)'s evolution into Mew (Pokémon Red/Green JP) ChickasaurusGL 110

10:15 Trainer mutation glitch (Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 111

10:30 "てへ" and "-g m" arbitrary code execution (Red/Green and Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 112

4:51 Fuchsia City misplaced 'sign' text (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 113

14:25 Glitch Poké Ball throwing effects caused by invalid D057/6 values (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 114

12:04 Using a Super Glitch item and battle escape item to get Pokémon ("LOL glitch") Gen I ChickasaurusGL 115

6:08 Effects of visiting glitch map 0xFE with a freeze workaround (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 116

8:46 CoolTrainer♀ forced 'instant' victory glitch (Pokémon Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 117

6:51 Hyper Beam and switch PP underflow glitches + PP reset trick (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 118

2:36 Freeze status 0 PP move selection glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 119

9:55 Double distort CoolTrainer glitch (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 120

3:02 Trapping move and sleep glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 121

3:16 CoolTrainer♀ battle reload glitch (Pokémon Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 122

15:49 How to get a super strong "permanent" level 255 Pokémon (Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 123

17:02 Use Pokémon merge glitch to get over 70 shiny Pokémon (Generation I with Gen II) ChickasaurusGL 124

1:54 PP Up and Max Ether/Max Elixir PP restore glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 125

2:47 Play gym battle music with the glitch item "il", hex:6D (Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 126

0:41 Cycling Road sign curiosity (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 127

12:56 Instant encounter infinite chain glitch (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 128

4:59 Glitch items 68h and 69h (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 129

13:59 Pikachu off-screen glitches - Change Pikachu's happiness, etc. (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 130

0:58 Articuno binoculars cry glitch (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 131

36:33 English fossil conversion glitch - Get all glitch Pokémon (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 132

19:35 Rival name CoolTrainer/LOL glitch - Get rare normal and glitch Pokémon (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 133

14:44 ????? (07) music glitch and more "sound test glitches" w/o ACE (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 134

6:39 "RNG plays Pokémon Red" via 8F or memory editing (Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 135

12:56 Pikachu off-screen Trainer corruption glitch - non Glitch City tricks (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 136

3:06 Request: Obtaining the impossible hidden Nugget and Max Elixer (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 137

2:46 Carry forward 'instant text' to a new game (Pokémon Yellow only) ChickasaurusGL 138

12:01 "Dry" item counter underflow glitch, and a surprise (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 139

14:58 Natural Pikachu off screen glitches (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 140

8:41 Multi-hit Pay Day earnings glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 141

2:43 "Pikachu's ghost" glitch (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 142

25:27 Pikachu off-screen glitch text box ACE (Pokémon Yellow only) ChickasaurusGL 144

2:48 HP bar display curiosities (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 145

10:24 Bicycle-connection music glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 146

12:08 Using 8F to turn Pallet Town into "Twinleaf Town", 'permanently' (Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 147

4:36 Invisible Rocket glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 148

29:57 Perform the "Mew glitch" (Special encounter) with no Trainers at all (Gen I) ChickasaurusGL 149

12:50 Pikachu glitch emote ACE set up with ws m (Yellow only) ChickasaurusGL 150

11:53 Zero maximum HP glitch (Generations I and II) ChickasaurusGL 152

0:42 "Amazing Bike Seller" (Red, Blue, Yellow (JP)) ChickasaurusGL 153

4:58 Cycling Road glitches caused by bypassing the gate (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 154

11:48 Trade evolution and item quantity loopholes (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 155

0:30 Mr. Fuji's house door glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 156

1:00 Silph Co. 11F lift glitch and oddity (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 157

15:54 What happens when glitch moves are Mirror Moved? (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 158

0:50 Warp tile Escape Rope/Dig curiosity (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 159

14:04 Request: Showcase of the glitch Pokémon 4 4 (hex:BF) in Yellow ChickasaurusGL 160

19:00 Super Glitch induced cries pitch and length manipulation (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 161

7:32 Link-up coast exploit using another player's name (Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 162

14:33 Get the effects of "grass surfing glitch" in English Pokémon Red and Blue ChickasaurusGL 163

2:25 Missingno. B6-B8 taking real back sprites (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 164

6:53 Instant Glitch Cities for CoolTrainer and LOL glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 165

0:51 Vending machine purchase bug (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 166

14:36 'Broken' (revivable) hidden items (Pokémon Red/Green JP) ChickasaurusGL 167

21:14 Glitch "Rocket HQ" worlds (invalid maps CC-CE) (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 168

9:34 PC Pokémon 9 hybridization (international-DKD glitch) (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 169

4:16 Catch Mew in glitch "Rocket HQ" world (no Link Cable) (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 170

7:43 Catch Mew in glitch "Rocket HQ" world (with Link Cable) (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 171

2:25 Substitute on a draining move doesn't miss (English Red/Blue/Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 172

6:08 Find Mew in an expanded party via SRAM glitch (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 173

11:25 Celebi becoming Mew in the Time Capsule (Gold w/Yellow ACE) ChickasaurusGL 174

8:33 ?/ (EC) and ♂ p ゥ (F4) music/sprite corruption effects (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 175

4:15 TPM mart buffer overflow glitch - Getting Mew and "Hurry, get away!" (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 176

29:02 TPM mart buffer overflow glitch - "Catch 'em all" glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 177

4:51 Eevee Factory glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 178

17:01 Unused in-game trade scripts accessed with arbitrary code (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 179

4:48 Get an unterminated name Pokémon with unstable Missingno. (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 180

40:34 oobLG (out of bounds LG) in Pokémon Yellow (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 181

20:37 Hex:78 - The 'sound test' glitch item (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 182

4:43 Enter the Cable Club unlinked (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 183

2:40 Unconfirmed: Music channel 1 overlapping glitch (Generation I, Yellow demonstration) ChickasaurusGL 184

2:54 Forcing Pikachu inside a wall via capture (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 185

2:53 Speaking with the Fuchsia Zoo Pokémon (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 186

3:01 Play as your shadow with the "Rival's effect" glitch item (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 187

0:36 Momentary Cable Club "Glitch City" transition (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 188

0:41 Blaine Super Potion glitch (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 189

6:00 Appearing as a 'glitch character' with SRAM glitch (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 190

28:13 Pokédex number 152 deconstruction and new tricks (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 191

8:06 Swift (スピードスター) accuracy glitch (Pokémon Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 192

5:34 Aゥ G (hex:D4) Pokédex glitch - "PseudoLG" (Pokémon Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 193

12:54 Bringing back partial data from a corrupted save (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 194

29:18 Champion Blue music sticking glitch compilation (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 195

7:15 FriendBadge (なかよしバッヂ, hex:67) ACE (Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 196

0:30 Psychic/Psywave/Night Shade animation glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 197

0:54 Pikachu's Beach poster curiosity/glitch? (Pokémon Yellow VC) ChickasaurusGL 198

6:29 TM38 (hex:EE) Oak's Lab warp glitch, another "PseudoLG" (VC Yellow only) ChickasaurusGL 199

10:08 Super Glitch move A8, yet another "PseudoLG" (VC Red/Blue) ChickasaurusGL 200

8:50 Faster SRAM glitch to enter the Hall of Fame (Generation I JP) ChickasaurusGL 201

6:24 Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow: Virtual Console differences compilation ChickasaurusGL 203

2:06 Changed weights for Nidoqueen and Geodude (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 205

3:29 International Blue Pokédex oversight (Pokémon Stadium 2) ChickasaurusGL 206

10:44 Sending glitch Pokémon to English Stadium 1 and 2 (request) ChickasaurusGL 207

8:24 Corrupted data Trade Center/Colosseum error message (Red/Green v1.0) ChickasaurusGL 208

6:17 Gold Badge (hex:6A) Poké Mart (Pokémon Red/Green v1.0) ChickasaurusGL 209

15:34 Gold Badge (hex:6A) instant Pokémon Center aka "Pocket Doctor" (JP Yellow v1.1+) ChickasaurusGL 210

5:16 Gold (hex:6F) Soda Pop generator (Japanese Yellow v1.1+) ChickasaurusGL 211

29:00 Pokémon Bank with Generation I glitch Pokémon (also obtain 'M or Q (FF) for merge glitch!) ChickasaurusGL 212

2:57 FalconBadge (はやぶさバッヂ) bootstrapless ACE (Japanese Yellow v1.1+) ChickasaurusGL 213

9:41 How to play the Pokémon Yellow unused tune without cheating or ACE ChickasaurusGL 215

10:53 Pokémon TCG debug menu via Pokémon Red/Blue cartswap ACE ChickasaurusGL 216

3:00 Hooked MissingNo. 7F Select glitch (Japanese Blue, English RBY) ChickasaurusGL 217

2:40 Map 0xE7 Fiery Glitch Hell (Japanese Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 218

12:18 Steal other Trainer's Pokémon with ♀へん (hex:7C) (Yellow JP v1.0) ChickasaurusGL 219

6:03 Card Key exploits (Pokémon Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 220

3:17 Seafoam Islands text box glitch addendum - The other entrance (Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 221

3:41 CoolTrainer-less instant victory glitch (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 222

9:00 Behaviour of Map 0xE7 in Pokémon Red and Blue ChickasaurusGL 223

32:39 Exploring and catching Pokémon in Map 0xFE (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 224

9:38 Forcing 94 h or $ (0xF9) to evolve into Mew (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 225

1:22 Boulder switch glitch (Pokémon Yellow JP v1.0, Rev A, Rev B) ChickasaurusGL 226

2:15 Partial trapping move wrong side fainting glitch (Pokémon Red/Green v1.1) ChickasaurusGL 227

0:56 Poké Mart no items sell map corruption glitch (Pokémon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow JP) ChickasaurusGL 228

2:50 Non-freezing map 0x0B glitch map (Italian Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 229

1:00 Whirlwind text error (Pokémon Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 230

9:31 Invalid facing direction arbitrary code execution in Pokémon Yellow ChickasaurusGL 231

13:14 Add 64 items to the inventory with ヂィ゙ィ゙ゃい゙(hex:ED) (Japanese Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 232

18:42 Using ws m/8F to create custom Pokémon sprites (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 233

5:43 Participants glitch - Encountering Mew using partial escape item (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 234

3:56 Repeat an in-game trade (Pokémon Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 235

10:41 Participants glitch continued - Forced D05A battle modes ChickasaurusGL 236

11:12 Extremely difficult badge describer Mew glitch (Japanese Blue) ChickasaurusGL 237

5:51 Player name CoolTrainer and Hall of Fame induction with only Pokémon swaps (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 238

9:26 Customizable glitch type names, 0x50 and 0x4F (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 239

7:56 Badge describer arbitrary code execution with Hyper Potion badge (Red/Green/Blue JP) ChickasaurusGL 241

9:41 Encounter table manipulation with expanded party/Super Glitch (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 242

13:14 On the subject of obtaining Mew with old man glitch (non-Japanese Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 243

27:11 Living GlitchDex save file for Pokémon Red and Yellow (download link in description) ChickasaurusGL 244

13:44 Successfully trading MissingNo. from Generation I to Generation II (request) ChickasaurusGL 245

8:30 Proof of concept: Custom inventories with arbitrary code execution (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 246

1:19 Disable-Transform curiosity/glitch (Generation I) (reupload) ChickasaurusGL 247

2:35 Arbitrary code execution with 4F (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 248

3:25 Obtaining Mew with the Pikachu off-screen glitch (glitch item method) (Pokémon Yellow only) ChickasaurusGL 249

3:39 A simpler setup for Pikachu off-screen glitch ACE with Hitmonchan (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 250

8:01 Luckless new Pikachu off-screen glitch ACE method with a PkMn pゥぁ ゥぇ (CE) (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 251

9:14 Glitch Pokémon traders (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 253

4:11 Curiosities of the 0x4F control character on an unterminated name Pokémon (Generation I) ChickasaurusGL 254

3:36 Wrong menu sprites effect caused by ₽ ぅ4A Q (hex:7D) (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 255

2:48 4 (0x77) glitch item places a random arrangement of 'r on the screen (Pokémon Red and Blue) ChickasaurusGL 256

3:27 Brown Glitch Dimension caused by Trainer class 0xFF (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 257

3:33 'Remote control Pikachu' (arbitrary code execution, proof of concept) (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 258

10:43 Pokédex move 0x00 corruption (Pokémon Yellow) ChickasaurusGL 259

3:36 Black box and corrupted text cartridge faults (Generation I, also occurs Generation II) ChickasaurusGL