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The other water type
  1. There are only 253 (non-glitch) Pokèmon - those numbered 1-251, Mudkip, and Piplup (but perhaps I should have listed them in opposite order)
  2. I am a water type
  3. The person I currently (unilaterally) love the most doesn't have a single favorite Pokèmon (indeed most of those aren't ones I recognize) but the one belonging to the above list is also a water type
  4. Italian/"student"/good at driving cars/buys and mods consoles for fun/
  5. Survived the collapse and helped in the reconstructions
  6. Global warming can't be denied (since it's reasonably proven by facts), but you certainly can and should deny clickbait and reactionarism
  7. 8 too much water - is false
  8. The only acceptable display technology involves near perfect vacuums and deflection angles 90° or lower