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(Variable name?) (7F) (Variable name?) (80) (Variable name?) (81)
Battling with (Variable name?) (80)

(Variable name?) (hex:80) is a glitch Trainer class in Pokémon Red and Blue and one of the artificial Trainer classes.

Game Genie codes 80F-549-C49 and 3EF-539-B31, combined with an encounter will allow the player to face it, but locking the sound bank values to a valid value (see glitch sound bank) may be necessary to avoid a freeze.

Trainer AI functions

  • Move modification AI routines: $FAC5 (move choice modification #$52), $C5D5 (move choice modification #$72)
  • Structure 2 routine: $05EA


  • It appears this glitch Trainer AI loaded the offgao's memory editor (which was at the DA80 region) when testing.

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