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Pomeg glitch sprite glitch
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The Pomeg glitch sprite glitch is the parent glitch of the Charm glitch, and a glitch derivative of the Pomeg glitch. It is found in Pokémon Emerald and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (through trading an excessive HP Pokémon).

If the player sends out a Pokémon with negative HP in battle and raises it to 0 HP using a healing item, its sprite and name/level/HP box will disappear. Afterwards, the use of one of the following moves will affect the user or the foe's sprite.

User's sprite
  • Absorb
  • Acid
  • Air Cutter
  • String Shot
  • Odor Sleuth
  • Sunny Day
  • Bite
  • Charge
  • Bone Club
Opponent's sprite
  • Charm (covered in the Charm glitch article)
  • Sunny Day
  • Screech
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