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Perpetual spinning glitch
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The perpetual spinning glitch, also known as the spinning glitch, is a glitch in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.


If the player performs the Safari Zone exit glitch but makes their 500th step be on a spinning tile, the spinning effect will persist while walking normally until the player uses another spinning tile.


Sprite transformation

While this glitch is in effect, it is possible to temporarily change the player's overworld sprite to a different one by using a PC, and holding a direction button while exiting the PC interface.

The sprite displayed depends on the location of the PC used. The correspondences below are for the English versions:

Location Type of sprite
Pallet Town Professor Oak
Viridian City Professor Oak
Pewter City Girl
Cerulean City Girl
Lavender Town Boy
Vermilion City Girl
Celadon City Police officer
Fuchsia City Swimmer
Saffron City Boy
Cinnabar Island Professor Oak
Indigo Plateau Police officer
Other locations Girl

YouTube video

YouTube video by LanceAndMissingNo.


  • Unknown, Paco81 - Discovery
  • LanceAndMissingNo. - Different NPC sprites (based on location) information