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Nintendo DS Sleep Mode exploit
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The Nintendo DS Sleep Mode exploit, also known as Nintendo DS crooked cartridge is an exploit in original Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite models. It was fixed for the Nintendo 3DS.


  • 1. Put the console into Sleep Mode.
  • 2. Quickly eject and reinsert the cartridge. If done too slowly the game will power off.
  • 3. The Sleep Mode exploit is active.


While the glitch is active, depending on the game it may continue to run or result in a message that the Game Card has been ejected. If the former, it is possible to make the game freeze after performing certain actions.

Many games do not allow the player to make much use of this exploit and result in simple freezes.

However, with Rayman DS it is possible to cause glitch music and a glitch message box to appear. With Super Mario 64 DS, New Super Mario Bros. and possibly Animal Crossing: Wild World it is possible to use this glitch to activate a crash debugger by making the following inputs after a freeze:

  • L+R+A+Left, release
  • Down+B, release
  • Start+Select


  • In Rayman DS:
YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL
  • In Densetsu no Stafy 4:
YouTube video by Torchickens