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MetascriptDex/RB:D61B (Route 14)
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This article details various glitch meta-map scripts in Route 14 in Pokémon Red and Blue.

This script is controlled by memory address D61B.


  • 0x03, 0x04: Walking lag, Trainer sprites may disappear
  • 0x05: Trainer approach music may play for a short moment, prior to a game freeze
  • 0x09, 0x0A: Walking lag, Trainer sprites may disappear
  • 0x0B: Trainer approach music may play once and script may revert to script 0x00
  • 0x0C: Trainer approach music may play, and game may freeze after making a step on the route
  • 0x0D: Script may revert to script 0x00
  • 0x0F, 0x15: Controls may lock up with music still playing
  • 0x10: Glitch audio may play, walking lag
  • 0x11: See 0x10, but possibly different audio
  • 0x12: See 0x10, 0x11 but game may eventually freeze. Unknown if possible to walk.
  • 0x13: See 0x12
  • 0x14: Screen may fade into white (but not a freeze or lock-up), hiding everything but text on the menu and sub-menus, until menu is closed again. Closing a sub-menu may re-enable player/NPC sprites and the menu border, until the Start menu is closed again.
  • 0x15: freezes game
  • 0x16 glitchy music, player won't move, though animations of walking still play, causes some sprites to disappear. At some places in the route music is not glitchy however
  • 0x17 same as 16
  • 0x18 same again
  • 0x19 same again
  • 0x1A game freezes with invalid opcode at address 4007
  • 0x1B same as 15
  • 0x1C game locks up without music
  • 0x1D same as 15
  • 0x1E same as 15
  • 0x1F same as 15
  • 0x20 seems to do nothing
  • 0x21 freezes game
  • 0x22 freezes game, then goes to white screen
  • 0x23 invalid opcode at 5a4c (trading text address)
  • 0x24 invalid opcode at 5a10
  • 0x25 freezes
  • 0x26 nothing
  • 0x27 freezes
  • 0x28 freezes
  • 0x29 invalid opcode at 5a1c (trading text address)
  • 0x2a freezes with white screen
  • 0x2b freezes
  • 0x2c invalid opcode at 4007
  • 0x2d freeze
  • 0x2e plays sounds every few moments, locks up.
  • 0x2f locks up
  • 0x30 sounds play, then glitchy rival theme, no movement
  • 0x31 sounds play, then normal theme continues slight glitched, no movement
  • 0x32 invalid opcode e3 at 4007
  • 0x33 white screen freeze
  • 0x34 white screen freeze, then game reset
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