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Marowak ghost instant encounter glitch
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Catching a Marowak referred to as a "GHOST"

The Marowak ghost instant encounter glitch occurs in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. The only required steps for this glitch are to set up an instant encounter glitch such as the Trainer escape glitch and to encounter a Marowak.

This glitch causes the Marowak to be named "GHOST", and have a Pokémon Tower Ghost's sprite. However, it is still possible to catch it, where it will become a regular Marowak.


  • In a way, this glitch is loosely similarly to the Transform assumption glitch, in that a sense it may not be considered a glitch but rather the result of a simplified game mechanic; specifically for the game to call all Marowak encountered from value 0x91 in the D059/D058 address (this occurs in the Pokémon Tower against the deceased Marowak) "GHOST" and to give them the Ghost sprite.
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