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Level 256 split screen (Pac-Man)
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This article describes glitches in Pac-Man, a game outside the Pokémon franchise. See Non-Pokémon glitches for a list of non-Pokémon glitch articles.

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The split screen in action

The Level 256 split screen is a glitch in Pac-Man and is regarded by some as one of the most infamous video game glitches.

It was introduced in the original arcade version of the game in May 1980 (Japan) and October 1980 (North America).

This glitch occurs as part of a bug for the code in the game responsible for drawing fruit, specifically for Level 256 and causes the right half of the map to become corrupted. Although hindering gameplay, skilled Pac-Man players have been able to navigate the map.

Detailed explanation

YouTube video by Retro Game Mechanics Explained

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A recreation of this glitch (as a feature) was much later included as an Easter egg in a Google Doodle in 2010 that was a playable version of the game.

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL

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