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God Egg glitch
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The God Egg glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Crystal. It happens when the player receives the Odd Egg while the player's party count is 0.

Due to the unique way the Odd Egg event is implemented in game, this causes memory corruption, and also leaves the player's party species list with a 0xFF terminator in the wrong place.

Party details

After Battle Tower SRAM glitch, the player's party count is changed to 0 followed by an 0xFF terminator in slot 1 like at the beginning of the game. When the player receives the Odd Egg, the party count is changed to 1, however, slot 1 remains an 0xFF byte without an additional terminator. (A party representation similar to the effects of international 'dokokashira door glitch'). This causes memory corruption that removes the Day Care couple from the screen. The party menu can be opened in which an unterminated name Pokémon ????? (0xFF)/????? (0x00) hybrid with no moves and all stats as 0 can be found.

The glitch Pokémon can be used for 0x1500 control code arbitrary code execution. Like other glitches that allow the player to obtain ?????, it can also be used for ????? party overloading to obtain hold items (such as key items for duplicate key items glitch and expanded Balls pocket) or to manipulate any (valid) Pokémon in the game.


General use

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL

In speedrun

YouTube video by entrpntr


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