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Glitch Dimension
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This article is a summary page for different variations of a glitches, etc. when talked about as a whole.
More research is needed for this article.
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Reason given: Does it happen in Pokémon Red and Blue; DMG (00) games?

Glitch Dimension is an effect in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal and Pokémon Yellow that happens when the game is played in Game Boy Color mode, where the game resets itself but the colors of the game are temporarily changed until the game is reset normally.

It appears more commonly and is easier to access in Pokémon Gold and Silver compared to Pokémon Yellow.

This effect is not unique to the Pokémon games, as it can happen in unrelated Game Boy games such as Tetris (with cheats).[clarification needed]

It does not place the player within in a glitchy collection of tiles in the way that Glitch City does.

Glitch Dimensions exist in Pokémon Crystal (or any game which is incompatible with the Game Boy or Super Game Boy), but are harder to access than in Pokémon Gold and Silver, plus the player cannot actually play the game as they are stopped by the "This Game Pak is designed only for use on the Game Boy Color." screen.


More information can be found here.

When the game is run on a Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance/SP register 'a' is initialized as '11', and this value causes the game to use Game Boy Color mode. If the game was run on a Game Boy or Super Game Boy, register 'a' is initialized as '01' instead.

After checking 'a', the game also sets memory address FFE8 to 01 if the game is run on the Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance/SP, or to 00 if the game is run on another system.

Glitch Dimensions occur because after the unexpected reset the register 'a' is no longer '11', and this causes the game to think that the system used is not a Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance/SP.

This means that a number of things will happen:

  • The glitched color palette will not change.
  • The "This Game Pak is designed only for use on the Game Boy Color." screen will appear if Pokémon Crystal was being played.
  • The girl in the Goldenrod Department Store who enables Mystery Gift will tell the player that Mystery Gift requires a Game Boy Color.
  • The Mystery Gift option will not appear on the Continue/New Game/Option screen.
The introduction movie for Pokémon Gold, during a Glitch Dimension.
The Pokémon Gold title screen during a Glitch Dimension.
Another screenshot of the title screen.

Examples (in Pokémon Gold/Silver)

Coin Case method

Main article: Coin Case glitch

Using the Coin Case glitch (basically having the player listen to a Pokémon cry and then use the Coin Case), certain Pokémon cries will cause glitch dimensions when the Coin Case is used (when not following the arbitrary code execution steps for Machop, Bellsprout, and other Pokémon). Some may require having not switched item pockets after listening to the cry, or having switched item pockets.

Machop was the most known example that causes a glitch dimension, but other Pokémon like Omanyte and Horsea can do it.

Youtube video demonstration.

Move 00 method

A glitch dimension can be caused when accessing the fight menu with a move 00 in the first position, but this is luck based; the game may also freeze.

  1. Trade a Ditto with the Cooltrainer move to Pokémon Gold/Silver.
  2. Access the fight screen.

The game may reset in different colors than if a Coin Case Glitch Dimension was used.

Walk through walls method

Using a walk through walls code, the player can cause a Glitch Dimension by out of bounds of the first floor of their house. Walking out of bounds can cause very variable effects depending on (at least) the tile you stepped into, meaning a Glitch Dimension may not happen through this method.

Example (in Pokémon Crystal)

Using the Pokémon Crystal glitch moves hex:FC (TM52 in Generation I) and hex:FE (TM54 in Generation I) may cause a Glitch Dimension to happen.

In Pokémon Yellow

In Pokémon Yellow, a Glitch Dimension has happened before when trying to encounter Yellow regular Missingno. on the opponent's side.

A Glitch Dimension can be guaranteed on Pokémon Yellow with the code 0178DFDF. The player must press A in the opening at a time such as when a black silhouette of Pikachu can be seen 'running forward'.

Another Glitch Dimension possible with arbitrary code execution is brown and is nicknamed "Pokémon Brown Mode".

Other types of unexpected resets

  • Normal resets: The game resets with seemingly no known side effects.

See also

  1. This Game Pak is designed only for use on the Game Boy Color.