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Glitch City Laboratories:Extended Melchior Form
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The Extended Melchior Form is the language used for the three "dexes": the GlitchDex, ItemDex, and the AttackDex. The name is taken from Project Melchior, the project focused on collecting the initial data. The Extended Melchior Form is an extension of the form used in the Melchior documents.

Extended Melchior Form for Pokémon

(approximate name*1) ((pokedex number, or name of pokemon it is a hybrid of plus the string "hybrid"))
Dec: (identifier in base 10)
Hex: (identifier in base 16)
Stats Lv.5: (attack, defense, speed, special (or special attack/special def for Gen 2+ pokemon), HP in that order
Stats Lv.100: see above
Stats Lv.255: see above
Attacks*2: List of attacks in the form "Attack (Lv.#)" If it is a starting attack, no (Lv.#) is necessary.
Type: (type1)/(type2)
Evolution? (pokemon) @ Lv.#, (pokemon) @ Lv.#... If there are no evolutions, put None here
Notes: (notes, which are discarded by the parser)

*3 Anything in this area is "misc", which is displayed in the Misc Details section of the glitchdex 2.1 listing (currently unused in 2). This should be in wikiformat.

Extended Melchior Form for Attacks

Hex: (identifier in base 16)
Dec: (identifier in base 10)
Effect(s): (list of effects)
Power: (power)
Animation: (description animation)
PP: (power points)

* Anything in this area is "misc"

Extended Melchior Form for Items

(approximate Poké Mart name)
(approximate pack name)
Dec: (identifier in base 10)
Hex: (identifier in base 16)
Price: (price)
Sell Price: (sell price)
Effect Outside: (effect outside of battle)
Effect in Battle: (effect if used in battle)

* Anything in this area is "misc"