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Change player color glitch
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The change player color glitch is a glitch which allows the player to change colors of their character in Pokémon Crystal.


  1. Start a game as either a boy or a girl and save it.
  2. Start a new game as the opposite gender as the first save.
  3. Save the game, but turn off the game while it says "SAVING...DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER".
  4. When the player restarts, their character should be the wrong color.

ColorSwap1.png ColorSwap2.png
Normal boy New boy
ColorSwap3.png ColorSwap4.png
Normal girl New girl


  1. The player can try this glitch without starting a New Game by skipping the first step, but he or she will lose all of the Pokémon that he or she has saved on the PC.
  2. Performing this glitch will unlock Mystery Gift.
  3. The player's name and palette will be taken from the first save, but the sprite will be the second save's.

Video Demonstration

YouTube video by zachtheglitchbuster