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CC5C Rival's
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CC5C Rival's is a Pokémon Yellow exclusive glitch similar to Rival's effect. However, the glitch requires a way of locking address CC5C (wPikaPicUsedGFX) to 0x0A; hence like glitches such as Pikachu glitch emote arbitrary code execution, it currently requires arbitrary code execution to begin with.


1. Have a Pikachu with the below expression. If it does not have it, either keep making it faint (if happiness too high) or use Pikachu happiness oversight (if happiness too low) until it can have it (or manually adjust D46F to a value such as 0x4C). This also assumes that no special emotions (such as bucket Pikachu, scared Pikachu) are active.

Indifferent Pikachu.png

2. Use arbitrary code execution to lock CC5C to 0x0A. OAM DMA hijacking will loop arbitrary code automatically.

3. Talk to Pikachu. A blank text box should appear.

Pikachu no expression.png

4. Open the start menu and close it. A corrupted region should appear where the text box was, and it is now possible to walk through a limited number of walls like Rival's effect.

Open Pikachu box.png Close Pikachu box.png Close Pikachu box 2.png

If the glitch is used immediately afterwards, it can cause the game to freeze with static playing. This occurs even after saving and resetting the game. To avoid this, Fly (or Teleport?) away before performing the glitch again.


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