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Arbitrary learnset/evolution glitch Pokémon
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An arbitrary learnset/evolution glitch Pokémon is a glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow which takes its level-up learnset and evolution data from a non-ROM location in the Game Boy bus, such as VRAM, WRAM or SRAM.

This means that technically the glitch Pokémon's evolution and/or learnset can be manipulated, although in practise it can still be difficult (if the source data always changes to the same values for a method of levelling up the glitch Pokémon).

Arbitrary learnset glitch Pokémon were originally documented by Crystal_ and researched further by Torchickens (ChickasaurusGL).

List of arbitrary learnset glitch Pokémon


Beginning of pointer table=$3B05C


Beginning of pointer table= $3B1E5

Evolving a Pokémon into Mew

Both 94 h (0xF9) and ₽ (0xF9) are capable of evolving into Mew, if the player saves and resets the game in this spot in Pokémon Mansion, below and then uses a Rare Candy to level up the glitch Pokémon.

This works because "01 01 15" (corresponding to two floor tiles and part of a tree) is taken from the data in that region, telling the game to make the glitch Pokémon evolve into Mew at level 1. However, there is a significant chance that an evolution to the correct Pokémon (Mew) will not work due to VRAM inaccessibility, if not, the player can keep trying again until the glitch works.

These glitch Pokémon can be obtained with multiple glitches, such as Rival LOL glitch.


YouTube video about A (EA)'s learnset

YouTube video by Crystal

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