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X item glitch (Colosseum)
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This glitch is for a home console Pokémon game. GameCube controller.png

The X item glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Colosseum which allows the player to use an item such as an X Attack or X Special on a Pokémon while allowing the same Pokémon to attack on the same turn, at the cost of the turn of the other Pokémon sent out.


  1. Enter a battle.
  2. On the first Pokémon's turn, use an item that will have no effect, such as a healing item on a target with full HP.
  3. Without exiting the menu, use the X item. Its effect will be applied to the second Pokémon.
  4. The second Pokémon can now attack with the stat boost provided by the X item.


Normally, using an X item on a given Pokémon's turn immediately applies its effect to that Pokémon, and spends its turn. In double battles, it was not intended to be possible to use an X item on one Pokémon's turn and apply its effects to the other one sent out, as using the item would immediately cause it to target the Pokémon currently taking commands. In later generations, spending one Pokémon's turn using an X item on another Pokémon became an intended mechanic, as the game allows the player to choose the target. However, this was not the case in generation III, the battle system of which was used in Colosseum.