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Whiteout effect
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An incomplete whiteout effect on Route 9, caused by glitch meta-map script activation.

Whiteout effect is a glitch effect in Pokémon Red and Blue, in which the screen will partially or fully become white.

Metascripts which cause a whiteout effect

Possibly because meta-map scripts are run continuously, the effect causes the screen to automatically fade out to completely white, but not instantly.

Although the screen fades out, it is still possible to make sprites such as the player's sprite and the menu visible.

The whiteout effect is not permanent; all the player has to do to remove the effect is to move to another location in which the whiteout effect is not active.

Glitch items which cause a whiteout effect

  • f m (hex:68): Screen fades out in a certain way once after use, without automatically fading out. Degree of whiteout increases after each use until screen is mainly or completely white.
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