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<div style="border: 1px solid #000000; padding: .5em 1em 1.5em; color: #000000; background-color: #FFFFFF; margin: 3px 3px 0; text-align: center">'''[[:Category:Major glitches|Major glitches]]''' of the Pokémon series
<div style="border: 1px solid #000000; padding: .5em 1em 1.5em; color: #000000; background-color: #FFFFFF; margin: 3px 3px 0; text-align: center">'''[[:Category:Major glitches|Major glitches]]''' of the Pokémon series
<div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">
<div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">
[[File:GB.png]] '''[[Arbitrary code execution]]''' [[File:GB.png]]
[[File:GB.png]] '''[[Arbitrary code execution]]''' [[File:GB.png]]

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Major glitches of the Pokémon series

GB.png Arbitrary code execution GB.png

0x1500 control code arbitrary code execution (Crystal) | Cart-swap arbitrary code execution | Connection Copier (arbitrary RAM writer) | Generation I custom map script pointer | Generation I invalid meta-map scripts | Generation I item ("8F", "ws m", "-g m", "5かい", "てへ" etc.) | Generation I move ("-", "TM42") | Generation I Trainer escape glitch text boxes | Generation II bad clone | Generation II Burned Tower Silver | Japanese Crystal Pokémon Communication Center SRAM glitches | Coin Case glitch | Generation II glitch Pokédex sortings | Pikachu off-screen glitch ACE | OAM DMA hijacking | Pikachu glitch emote | Generation III glitch Pokémon summary | Generation III glitch move animation) | Remote code execution | TM/HMs outside of the TM/HM pocket | ZZAZZ glitch Trainer FC

Bulbasaur.png No further extensions Bulbasaur.png

99 item stack glitch (Generation I) | Ditto DV manipulation (Generation I) | Meta-map script activation (Generation I) | Expanded party encounter table manipulation (Generation I) | Item duplication glitch (Generation I) | Pokémon merge glitch ("Q Glitch", Generation I) | Bug-Catching Contest data copy glitch (Generation II, Japan only) | Sketch glitch (Generation II) | Time Capsule exploit (Generation II) | Berry glitch (Generation III) | Roaming Pokémon encounter glitch (Generation III) Elite Four door glitch (Generation IV, Japan only) | Transform held item glitch (Generation IV, Japan only) | Mimic glitch (Generation IV, Japan only) | (Mimic) Transform Rage glitch (Generation IV) | Tweaking (Generation IV) | Cloning

Red.png Buffer overflow techniques Red.png

Japanese unterminated name glitch item instant encounter glitch | LOL glitch | Rival LOL glitch | Instant LOL glitch | RAM LOL glitch | oobLG | blockoobLG | Instant encounter infinite chain glitch (LGFly)) | Super Glitch (Generation I) (party remaining HP glitch) | Super Glitch (Generation III) | Text pointer manipulation mart buffer overflow glitch | CoolTrainer♀-type move | Double distort CoolTrainer♀ corruption | Yami Shop glitch | Party Pokémon box data shift glitch

Ball.png Item stack duplication glitch (Generation I) Ball.png

Generation I expanded items pack (Glitch Rocket HQ maps, Map FE (English and non-English European Yellow) | Map script pointer manipulation (arbitrary code execution | Map script pointer item ball manipulation) | Text pointer manipulation (arbitrary code execution | Item ball manipulation | Mart buffer overflow) | Trainerless instant encounter glitch

PC.png Bad clone glitch (Generation II) PC.png

????? party overloading (Type 0xD0 move glitch | ????? map corruption | Celebi trick | Celebi Egg trick | Shiny Celebi trick | Glitch move map corruption | Overloaded party map corruption | Glitch Unown (Glitch Unown map corruption) | Duplicate key items glitch (Infinite items and item creation, Expanded Balls pocket (Wrong pocket TM/HMs, Glitch Pokédex categories))

Lab pass.png Closed menu Select glitches (Japanese Red/Green) Lab pass.png

Dokokashira door glitch (International) | Fossil conversion glitch (international) | Second type glitch | Skip to Level 100 glitch | Trainer mutation glitch | Walk through walls (International) | Lift glitch | Badge describer glitch

Gromeg berry.png Pomeg glitch (Generation III) Gromeg berry.png

Pomeg data corruption glitch ("Glitzer Popping") | Charm glitch

Lying old man.png 2x2 block encounter glitches (Generation I) Lying old man.png

Left-facing shore tile glitch (in-game trade shore encounter trick | Old man trick | Trade link up shore encounter trick | Fight Safari Zone Pokémon trick)

Glitchtile.png Glitch City Glitchtile.png

Safari Zone exit glitch | RAM manipulation | Out of bounds Glitch City (Generation II) | Slowpoke Well out of bounds corruption (French Gold/Silver/Crystal)

RBYPC.png Large storage box byte shift glitch RBYPC.png

Storage box remaining HP glitch | Generation I max stat trick

Pikachu.png Pikachu off-screen glitch Pikachu.png

Trainer corruption glitch

Tereka.png SRAM glitches Tereka.png

Generation I save corruption | 255 Pokémon glitch | Send party Pokémon to a new game (Generation I) | Generation II save corruption | Mailbox glitches | Mystery Gift item corruption | Trainer House glitches

Mew.png Trainer escape glitch Mew.png

Death-warp, Ditto trick, Experience underflow glitch, Mew trick

Brock.png Walk through walls Brock.png

Ledge method | Museum guy method | Rival's effect | Select glitch method (International Select glitch method), Brock Through Walls

Surf.png Surf down glitch Surf.png

Grass/rock Surfing glitch (Spanish/Italian only) (adaptions: Submerge glitch (international) | 8 8 (0x7C) grass/rock surfing glitch (English Red/Blue))

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