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(I deserve something like this by now, don't I?)
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Colosseum/XD and X/Y/OR/AS/S/M/US/UM articles...''where did you go?!''
Colosseum/XD and X/Y/OR/AS/S/M/US/UM articles...''where did you go?!''
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Kanzaki.png The Humptyhillhead That Sends an Unquiring One Well to the West Rui.png

I've been a part of GCL's community since 2007 and was made staff on the wiki when it first opened up. I was absent for many of those years and may not know every glitch technique under the sun, though I have caught up wherever I can since I returned. I'm interested primarily in speedrunning glitches (primarily those of Generation I, though not necessarily even limited to Pokémon!) and RNG mechanics (Generation III's in particular). However, I'm more focused on overseeing the site at present.

My forum profile is here if you'd like to contact me in a more direct way than the talk page. Feel free to voice whatever concerns you have or ask if you may have known me by another name.


A to-do list, including stuff I'm meaning to add articles for and/or look for further information on.


  • Properly document whatever I can of Generation III, IV, and V RNG in terms of technical elements
  • Fill up the Sherkel-GCL Pastebin


  • In Alpha Sapphire (and presumably Omega Ruby), when you battle the Team Aqua Grunt x5 in their hideout and get a critical hit on those Poochyena, the text "Wild Poochyena" will be used to refer to them. (reported by a used in Discord going by "w/e")
  • What are other important differences between the emulator in Box and a real GBA, if any? (Not likely to find this out myself)

Gen 3 flags:

Links and sources


I've been going through the Pastebin accounts of accomplished glitchers lately and copying whatever might be relevant to the aims of this site to However, I'm not done, and even when I say I am, I may have missed some things, and the PSR programming community never stops chugging along. Some major contributors are:

Entrpntr's Pastebin:

Luckytyphlosion's Pastebin:

Additional important pages

Pokémon Firered/Leafgreen perfect starter manipulation:

Gunner on manips in Gen 2:

Colosseum/XD and X/Y/OR/AS/S/M/US/UM articles...where did you go?!

Hyakkichujo3.png Wceaal.png T-4-3.png