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(Full overhaul of this page and links coming when I get the kick to do it)
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Pokémon Firered/Leafgreen perfect starter manipulation:

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Gopher it!


Stuff I'm meaning to look into, add articles for, and/or look for further information on.

Luckytyphlosion ~ Suggestion! 2019

luckytyphlosionToday at 2:19 PM

anything related to item underflow

most gen 2 glitches relating to gold 251

whatever the celebi egg glitch method on the wiki is currently is likely archaic as hell

back when noone had any idea what they were doing

and even the method used in the speedrun is inoptimal, we discovered a method to make 4 or 5 eggs at a time

as opposed to 1

SherkelToday at 2:24 PM

Alright, got it

What exactly relating to item underflow though?

luckytyphlosionToday at 2:29 PM

probably like the techniques

understanding what each slot does

and how you can manipulate its behaviours to your advantage

SherkelToday at 2:31 PM


luckytyphlosionToday at 2:37 PM

no in rby

SherkelToday at 2:38 PM

Just off the top of your head, which techniques?

Or which documented routes that use them?

luckytyphlosionToday at 2:41 PM

can't really think of any right now

SherkelToday at 2:41 PM


Well if you're sure they're not on the wiki I guess I'll need to go through the recent 151 stuff


w/eYesterday at 2:31 PM

Found a minor thing

In Alpha Sapphire where you battle the Team Aqua Grunt ×5 in their hideout

If you hit some critical strike on those Poochyena

It will display as "Wild poochyena"

Didn't get the chance to try if it's actually wild but huh

"The RNG does not advance idly during Frontier battles" -

Earliest non-SRAM ACE in Yellow (confirm with Lucky):

What are other important differences between the emulator in Box and a real GBA, if any?

Gunner on manips in Gen 2:

Gen 3 flags:



Pokémon Firered/Leafgreen perfect starter manipulation: