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Pokédex Variation from Location?

I've tested this Pokémon's Pokédex data numerous times, and for some reason, I can’t find consistency in location... I can't tell what is changing it. Wether it'd be party Pokémon, items, or even just the location and screen data. James-the-Charizard (talk) 11:30, 8 August 2019 (-06)

According to the research, this glitch Pokémon takes its dex entry from AA00. AA00 is in the SRAM/save data region, but it's not actually clear from that which bank (as it seems a different SRAM bank means AA00 could represent another memory address depending on what bank the game was on last if forced for the dex entry?) (for illustration I recommend reading ). Viewing glitch Pokémon sprites will also partially corrupt the save data (but not destroying it, e.g. MissingNo. saves corrupts Hall of Fame if you have one so maybe a glitch Pokémon could corrupt AA00 on the relevant bank?) Adding to the complication, SRAM is not always available and may be locked. That could explain the many 9999s (mirroring a locked SRAM pointer and returning (0xFF bytes). I'll look into this tomorrow if you like. :) Torchickens (talk) 14:43, 8 August 2019 (-06)
If you could, please do. Unfortunately I may not be able to contribute a lot to the wiki side of this and I’m just a bit too shy to reply into forums... >~<' (Even Though I like making friends and/or socializing, I just feel too awkward because I feel like I’d be barging in.) James-the-Charizard (talk) 16:13, 9 August 2019 (-06)
This is me barging in with absolutely nothing to add for the sake of the example. I'm wondering if the huge amount of activity from staff, Metarkrai, RETIRE, et al. as compared to new members has given off too imposing of an impression. You're welcome to speak up about whatever you want, as you have on this page. Sherkel (talk) 23:52, 13 August 2019 (-06)