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Poké Radar music glitch
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The Poké Radar music glitch is a natural glitch in Pokémon X and Y.


If you get the 'Oh?' message from an Egg while the Pokéradar music is playing, the music will fade out. If you quickly press A or B (as soon as you can), then for a moment on the Egg hatching screen the normal route music will play but will be interrupted with the 'hatching/evolution' music. After returning to the map after not nicknaming/nicknaming the Pokémon, the music will stop but sound effects will still play.

If you pressed A or B too late, then the music will be the normal route theme after you return to the map after hatching the Egg.

After stopping the music, if you enter a battle and run/win, the evolution music will play.

At Route 7, the music goes back to normal when you go to Camphrier Town, but not the Day Care building.


While it is not known whether this glitch was ever patched, it works on versions 1.0, 1.2 and 1.3 of the games.


  • EXP282: Documentation
  • ChickasaurusGL: Verification, video, this article's original text

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