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MetascriptDex/Y:D5F0 (Pallet Town)
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This article details various glitch meta-map scripts in Pallet Town in Pokémon Yellow.

The script is controlled by memory address D5F0.


  • 0x0D: Effects may depend on save file. May play many glitch sounds before loading a battle with a Level 0 Rhydon. Upon catching it the battle may immediately start again.
  • 0x12: Causes arbitrary code execution at FAAE in Echo RAM: Stored Pokémon 1's Special stat experience byte 1 onward.
  • 0x13: Causes arbitrary code execution at D361 in RAM (current player x-position) onward
  • 0x1B: Unique freeze pattern before white screen
  • 0x1E: May stop the music and corrupt the 'bump' sound
  • 0x35: May stop the music, but if you choose Print on the Pokédex menu, Pallet Town music will play again. Closing the Pokédex and Start menu may corrupt the music to a melodic but incorrect song.
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