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Luck manipulation (Generation III)
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This article is incomplete. Please feel free to add any missing information about the subject. It is missing: a ton of stuff.

The current seed is calculated by multiplying the previous one by $41C64E6D, adding $6073, and then taking the result modulo $100000000. This happens once per frame outside of battle, and twice per frame when in battle. [clarification needed]

Emerald's initial seed is always 0. When the internal battery has run dry in Ruby and Sapphire, the initial seed is always $5A0. Thus, in these games, a Pokémon with a desired IV spread or PID (which determines shininess) can be obtained by setting a timer when the game is reset and encountering the Pokémon within a 1 frame window. However, complications may arise with Method H encounters. [clarification needed]

When playing Ruby or Sapphire through the emulator in Pokémon Box, Rayquaza's stats are generated by Method 4 as opposed to Method 1. This presumably applies to other stationary encounters as well.

In Emerald, the Battle Video exploit can be used to set the RNG seed to any given value once it rolls around the first time, eliminating wait times up to 828 days long.

Game Region Seed address
Ruby/Sapphire USA 0x03004818
Ruby/Sapphire PAL 0x03004828
Ruby/Sapphire JPN 0x03004748
FireRed/LeafGreen USA 0x03005000
FireRed/LeafGreen PAL 0x03004F50
FireRed/LeafGreen JPN 0x03005040
Emerald USA 0x03005D80
Emerald PAL 0x03005D80
Emerald JPN 0x03005AE0


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