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Language icon glitch
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This Chingling has the "FRE" marker, despite not originating from a game set to a French region (image courtesy of Pika250)

The language icon glitch is a natural glitch in Pokémon X and Y. This glitch is an error in which a foreign language icon shows up on a Pokémon's summary from the same region as the player.


1. View the summary of a Pokémon from a different region to that of the player (specified by a language mark such as "FRE"); example video: Ledyba

2. Switch to a Pokémon from the same region as the player with no foreign language mark; example video: Chingling

3. Change to the second page of its summary

4. Switch back to the original foreign region Pokémon while still on the second page (example video: Ledyba)

5. Switch back to the same region Pokémon while still on the second page (example video: Chingling)

6. Switch to the first page, and the same region Pokémon will now erroneously have the foreign region mark from the other Pokémon

YouTube video

YouTube video by Pika250