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Glitch City Laboratories:Wiki tasks
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High priority

  • Add articles about as many glitches (including non-natural glitches) as possible. Many glitches without articles have been posted on YouTube channels (e.g. TheZZAZZGlitch, ChickasaurusGL, Crystal_)
  • Articles of known speedrun routes (TAS or RTA? [clarification needed]) with in-depth explanation of the glitches involved.


  • Add images to articles which have missing images, or which have images of poor quality.
  • Make a focused effort on Project Caspar; for glitches untested by staff, add the {{paraphrased|1=|2=}} template and reword from The Cutting Room Floor and other websites, citing the original contributors so as not to plagiarise. Another valuable source may be official Nintendo patch notes.
    • Make lists of glitch monsters/characters in other 'monster battling' games (e.g. Telefang, Dragon Quest Monsters)