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Glitch City Laboratories:Non-Pokémon glitches
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Although Glitch City Laboratories is, and always has been, mainly about Pokémon glitches, pages about glitches from other video games are now allowed. This project is also known as "Project Caspar". The following are guidelines for such pages.

Most articles

For the majority of non-Pokémon game glitches, they should be added in a list of glitches article named after the game (for example: Super Smash Bros. Melee links to a list of glitches about the popular fighting game for Nintendo GameCube).

If this game has significant version differences that could cause a glitch in one version not to occur in the other, please add (version) after the title. For example, [[game (Nintendo Entertainment System)]].

Each article must describe at least one glitch.

Highly 'notable' glitches

It has been decided that since the Minus World (Super Mario Bros.) and Level 256 split screen (Pac-Man) are particularly infamous bugs they should have their own articles. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

However we acknowledge what constitutes a notable article is subjective. If in doubt ask on this page's talk page or on the forums and we'll decide what to do by consensus.

The {{nonpoke}} tag

All such articles must have a {{nonpoke}} tag. {{nonpoke}} is used as such:

{{nonpoke|name of game}}

and places the article outside the Pokémon series into its own category.

The {{Game}} template

The {{Game}} template may be added to an article to provide details about its name, developers and publishers, platforms and release date, as well as a screenshot (preferably title screen) and Wikipedia link. This system is similar to The Cutting Room Floor, a large wiki about unused content (as well as pre-release information and glitches as a side project) in video games.


Non-Pokémon game articles are not exempt from the rules on article validation. This means that a wiki sysop or quality control (QC) volunteer must manually vet new articles created as well as further edits to these articles. This generally means that the glitch, quirk, or trick has been personally tested by the approving editor. We are all Pokémon fans, so Pokémon articles are easier to manage; however, this does not exempt non-Pokémon articles from undergoing validation.

Non-validated articles will be marked with the {{factcheck}} template.

YouTube video demonstrations are highly useful and recommended here. If in doubt about the mechanics of a glitch, as YouTube videos demonstrate the glitch in action it can be good to just describe the glitch in terms of what it does.

Manual of style

All rules found in the manual of style should also be adhered to.


Super Smash Bros. games are not considered part of the Pokémon series on Glitch City Laboratories.