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Notes: Front-sprite: [[File:YGlitch053.png]] [[bp:Z ゥ|On Bulbapedia]]. Becomes [[GlitchDex/RB:229|C]] in Red/Blue.
Notes: Front-sprite: [[File:YGlitch053.png]] [[bp:Z ゥ|On Bulbapedia]]. Becomes [[GlitchDex/RB:229|C]] in Red/Blue.
==Pokédex data==
[[File:Y Dex E5.png]]
==TM/HM moves==
==TM/HM moves==

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Z ゥ (PERSIAN HYBRID) Dec: 229 Hex: E5 Stats Lv.5: Atk 13, Def 12, Spd 16, Spc 11, HP 22 Stats Lv.100: Atk 171, Def 153, Spd 241, Spc 141, HP 262 Stats Lv.255: Atk 428, Def 382, Spd 606, Spc 351, HP 652 Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Bite, Screech, TM40 (Lv.1), Ice Beam (Lv.3), Double Kick (Lv.4), Tackle (Lv.5), DoubleSlap (Lv.6), TM05 (Lv.8), Ice Punch (Lv.14), Mega Punch (Lv.24), TM05 (Lv.30), TM05 (Lv.32), TM09 (Lv.33), Pin Missile (Lv.37), DoubleSlap (Lv.40), TM24 (Lv.42), TM50 (Lv.47), Pound (Lv.48), Mega Punch (Lv.55), TM24 (Lv.58), TM24 (Lv.61), Ice Punch (Lv.62), Supersonic (Lv.64), Pin Missile (Lv.71), Pin Missile (Lv.72), TM05 (Lv.73), Supersonic (Lv.97), Aurora Beam (Lv.109), Transform (Lv.128), Defense Curl (Lv.144), Leech Seed (Lv.155), Petal Dance (Lv.157), Horn Drill (Lv.167), TM24 (Lv.175), TM41 (Lv.193), Tail Whip (Lv.194), Tackle (Lv.201), TM45 (Lv.205), TM24 (Lv.208), Absorb (Lv.211), Glitch Move 0xA7 (Lv.213), Glitch Move 0xA7 (Lv.214), Aurora Beam (Lv.217), Glitch Move 0xB8 (Lv.224), TM09 (Lv.225), TM28 (Lv.228), TM01 (Lv.230), Horn Attack (Lv.232), Glitch Move 0x00 (Lv.234), Horn Attack (Lv.236), TM14 (Lv.240), TM28 (Lv.249), TM01 (Lv.250), TM48 (Lv.254), TM55 (Lv.255) Type: Normal Evolution? MissingNo. [B8; Ghost variant] @ Lv.225

Obtain: Time Capsule exploit (Aipom), LOL glitch ("'m" character), Double distort CoolTrainer♀ corruption ("'m" character) Storage box remaining HP glitch with a remaining HP of 229, international fossil conversion glitch with an Attack stat of 229. Arbitrary code execution. Equivalent trade of RB:229 from Red/Blue.

Notes: Front-sprite: YGlitch053.png On Bulbapedia. Becomes C in Red/Blue.

Pokédex data

Y Dex E5.png

TM/HM moves

TM06 Toxic, TM08 Body Slam, TM09 Take Down, TM10 Double-Edge, TM11 BubbleBeam, TM12 Water Gun, TM15 Hyper Beam, TM16 Pay Day, TM20 Rage, TM24 Thunderbolt, TM25 Thunder, TM31 Mimic, TM32 Double Team, TM34 Bide, TM39 Swift, TM40 Skull Bash, TM44 Rest, TM50 Substitute

Time Capsule exploit moves

Time Capsule exploit level-up moves: Scratch, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Fury Swipes, Swift, Screech, Agility

Time Capsule exploit TM/HM: Headbutt, Toxic, Thunder, Double Team, Ice Punch, Swift, Defense Curl, ThunderPunch, Dream Eater, Rest, Fire Punch, Cut, Strength

Time Capsule move tutor: Thunderbolt

Time Capsule breeding: Agility, Counter, DoubleSlap, Slam

Time Capsule events: Mimic (New York Pokémon Center)