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Dual-type damage misinformation
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Dual-type damage misinformation is a phenomenon present in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, in which a move is said to be "not very effective", or "super effective" when the damage that a Pokémon receives is actually neutral. It was fixed in Pokémon Stadium and the later core series games.

Additionally, if a move is super effective to one type but does not affect a Pokémon due to its other type (e.g. Dig against Charizard; a Fire/Flying type Pokémon), the game will erroneously state that the move missed.


Reported by Captain Mofocious

Verified by Cave of Dragonflies

The message that is displayed is taken from a list of damage outcomes which do not result in 1× damage.

If the game runs through more than one of the entries on the list after a super effective, or not very effective move is used, the game will display the message for the latest outcome; for example using a Grass-type move against a Gyarados will cause the game to display the message that it is "not very effective", since Grass 1/2 vs. Flying comes later on in the list.

Water 2× vs. Fire
Fire 2× vs. Grass
Fire 2× vs. Ice
Grass 2× vs. Water
Electric 2× vs. Water
Water 2× vs. Rock
Ground 0× vs. Flying
Water 1/2× vs. Water
Fire 1/2× vs. Fire
Electric 1/2× vs. Electric
Ice 1/2× vs. Ice
Grass 1/2× vs. Grass
Psychic 1/2× vs. Psychic
Fire 1/2× vs. Water
Grass 1/2× vs. Fire
Water 1/2× vs. Grass
Electric 1/2× vs. Grass
Normal 1/2× vs. Rock
Normal 0× vs. Ghost
Ghost 2× vs. Ghost
Fire 2× vs. Bug
Fire 1/2× vs. Rock
Water 2× vs. Ground
Electric 0× vs. Ground
Electric 2× vs. Flying
Grass 2× vs. Ground
Grass 1/2× vs. Bug
Grass 1/2× vs. Poison
Grass 2× vs. Rock
Grass 1/2× vs. Flying
Ice 1/2× vs. Water
Ice 2× vs. Grass
Ice 2× vs. Ground
Ice 2× vs. Flying
Fighting 2× vs. Normal
Fighting 1/2× vs. Poison
Fighting 1/2× vs. Flying
Fighting 1/2× vs. Psychic
Fighting 1/2× vs. Bug
Fighting 2× vs. Rock
Fighting 2× vs. Ice
Fighting 0× vs. Ghost
Poison 2× vs. Grass
Poison 1/2× vs. Poison
Poison 1/2× vs. Ground
Poison 2× vs. Bug
Poison 1/2× vs. Rock
Poison 1/2× vs. Ghost
Ground 2× vs. Fire
Ground 2× vs. Electric
Ground 1/2× vs. Grass
Ground 1/2× vs. Bug
Ground 2× vs. Rock
Ground 2× vs. Poison
Flying 1/2× vs. Electric
Flying 2× vs. Fighting
Flying 2× vs. Bug
Flying 2× vs. Grass
Flying 1/2× vs. Rock
Psychic 2× vs. Fighting
Psychic 2× vs. Poison
Bug 1/2× vs. Fire
Bug 2× vs. Grass
Bug 1/2× vs. Fighting
Bug 1/2× vs. Flying
Bug 2× vs. Psychic
Bug 1/2× vs. Ghost
Bug 2× vs. Poison
Rock 2× vs. Fire
Rock 1/2× vs. Fighting
Rock 1/2× vs. Ground
Rock 2× vs. Flying
Rock 2× vs. Bug
Rock 2× vs. Ice
Ghost 0× vs. Normal
Ghost 0× vs. Psychic
Fire 1/2× vs. Dragon
Water 1/2× vs. Dragon
Electric 1/2× vs. Dragon
Grass 1/2× vs. Dragon
Ice 2× vs. Dragon
Dragon 2× vs. Dragon

See this page for more information.