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DecDex/Data (Ruby/Sapphire)
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This is the Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire version of the DecDex.

Data contributors (below): Newo, Boxman.

Name:POUND Held Item:?????????? HP:73 Sp. Attack:73
Pokedex No.002 Starting Moves:Struggle Attack:2 Sp. Defense:14
Encounter Level:0 Freezing Stats:Yes (Ability) Defense:45 Speed:8

Hex:019D Name:POUND Pokedex No.002 Encounter Level:0 Held item:??????????

Base Stats: HP:73 Attack:2 Defense:45 Speed:8 Special Attack:73 Special Defense:14

Starting Moves:Struggle

Freezing Stats:Yes (Special Ability crashes)

Name:CHOP Held Item:None HP:45 Sp. Attack:108
Pokedex No.004 Starting Moves:Struggle Attack:2 Sp. Defense:26
Encounter Level:0 Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:52 Speed:14

Name:ESLAP Held Item:?????????? HP:108 Sp. Attack:184
Pokedex No.005 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:26 Sp. Defense:54
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats: Yes (Type) Defense:99 Speed:40

Name:ET PUNCH Held Item:None HP:99 Sp. Attack:53
Pokedex No.006 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch, Focus Punch, Comet Punch Attack:40 Sp. Defense:68
Encounter Level:6 Freezing Stats:Yes (Ability) Defense:184 Speed:54

Name:EGA PUNCH Held Item:None HP:229 Sp. Attack:240
Pokedex No.007 Starting Moves:Struggle Attack:50 Sp. Defense:74
Encounter Level:6 Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:182 Speed:62

Name:PAY DAY Held Item:None HP:229 Sp. Attack:240
Pokedex No.008 Starting Moves:Struggle Attack:50 Sp. Defense:74
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:182 Speed:62

Name:CH Held Item:None HP:93 Sp. Attack:78
Pokedex No.010 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch, Karate Chop Attack:20 Sp. Defense:28
Encounter Level:18 Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:77 Speed:26

Name:NCH Held Item:?????????? HP:106 Sp. Attack:255
Pokedex No.011 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:2 Sp. Defense:255
Encounter Level:13 Freezing Stats:Yes (Type and Ability) Defense:106 Speed:14

Name:DERPUNCH Held Item:None HP:28 Sp. Attack:98
Pokedex No.012 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:10 Sp. Defense:26
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:16 Speed:18

Name:RATCH Held Item:None HP:98 Sp. Attack:17
Pokedex No.013 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:26 Sp. Defense:54
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:18 Speed:40

Name:VICEGRIP Held Item:?????????? HP:18 Sp. Attack:41
Pokedex No.014 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch, Doubleslap Attack:40 Sp. Defense:69
Encounter Level:100 Freezing Stats:No Defense:17 Speed:54

Name: (blank) Held Item:?????????? HP:114 Sp. Attack:84
Pokedex No. 019 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:112 Sp. Defense:2
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats: Yes (Type) Defense:255 Speed:255

Name:RBOLT Held Item:None HP:240 Sp. Attack:63
Pokedex No.102 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:90 Sp. Defense:110
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:93 Speed:101

Name:ROCK THROW Held Item:?????????? HP:39 Sp. Attack:28
Pokedex No.105 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:2 Sp. Defense:16
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:14 Speed:3

Name:EARTHQUAKE Held Item:?????????? HP:28 Sp. Attack:98
Pokedex No.88 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:16 Sp. Defense:46
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes Defense:52 Speed:32

Name:(blank) Held Item:None HP:65 Sp. Attack:56
Pokedex No.108 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch, Mega Punch Attack:87 Sp. Defense:110
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type and Ability) Defense:246 Speed:98

Name:PSYCHIC Held Item:?????????? HP:156 Sp. Attack:34
Pokedex No. 112 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:56 Sp. Defense:66
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:173 Speed:56

Name:RAGE Held Item:?????????? HP:133 Sp. Attack:219
Pokedex No.118 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:154 Sp. Defense:198
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type) Defense:105 Speed:176

Name:TELEPORT Held Item:?????????? HP:115 Sp. Attack:235
Pokedex No.119 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:24 Sp. Defense:44
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type and Ability) Defense:77 Speed:30

Name:NIGHT SHADE Held Item:?????????? HP:77 Sp. Attack:34
Pokedex No.120 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch, Karate Chop, rain. (Glitch attack), Focus Punch Attack:30 Sp. Defense:62
Encounter Level:Normal Freezing Stats:Yes (Type and Attacks) Defense:235 Speed:46

Name:(blank) Held Item:?????????? HP:255 Sp. Attack:43
Pokedex No.122 Starting Moves:Thunderpunch Attack:255 Sp. Defense:2
Encounter Level:100 Freezing Stats:No Defense:33 Speed:2

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